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Dear Friend,

We see it on the evening news and in the morning papers. It shows up in email in Amber Alerts. Child abuse and human trafficking have emerged as national issues that demand our attention.

Yet these are not faraway problems. They’re in our own neighborhoods. Did you know that the state of Ohio ranks 4th in the country in human trafficking? The children who are victimized are boys and girls you see at church, or waiting for a school bus, or in the aisles of the convenience store. You see them day after day, and you don’t know the fear they live with.

We are reaching out today to ask you to do something for them. Please join us in the local fight against child abuse and human trafficking.

A Caring Place provides a unique and critical service to children who are victims or witnesses of abuse. Children who come to us find the help they need to break free of the people who hurt them. We offer a unique setting for all our services to help relax and empower the child to be free and feel welcomed.  All of our immediate services are propelled to minimize trauma, but maximize information.  In Jefferson County alone, up to 100 children are helped at A Caring Place each year.

Please join us in the local fight against child abuse and human trafficking.

Children’s allies are our heroes— and they come together at A Caring Place. We bring together the resources of law enforcement, prosecution, medical and mental health professionals, counselors, and social workers. We offer a stress-reducing, caring, and safe environment for children and families as they go through the process of reporting and interviewing. This is when the healing process should begin.

Many people give generously of their time. Many more contribute in other ways.

For more than a decade, A Caring Place has led this often silenced battle. How? By raising awareness. By educating people in schools, churches, and workplaces. By prevention programs. By helping our neighbors to recognize the warning signs as they are manifested — and then helping them to do something about it.

A Caring Place has been a leading advocate since 2002. I have been working with A Caring Place since its infancy and further embraced its mission in 2007, becoming its director. Before that, I worked for 27 years as an investigator, specializing in child neglect and abuse. I’ve given most of my adult life to the effort, knowing that every day, children in our neighborhoods are victimized by physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.  The primary goal of A Caring Place is to ensure that children are not further traumatized by the very systems designed to protect them.

We need your help both financially and in helping us raise awareness of this dreadful reality of child abuse to the public’s attention…whether it be distributing brochures, speaking to friends, or attending an education seminar. Can you help? It’s one way you can make Jefferson County a better place to live.

Your tax-deductible* monetary gift goes directly to running our facility and programs at A Caring Place CAC. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation today. It will make a difference immediately — in children’s lives.

Please don’t delay. The children need us. They need you.


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Thank you for your support!

A Caring Place CAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  Please check with your tax advisor.

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