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It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Join us in educating the community. A Caring Place arranges prevention training upon request and provides informational booths at various local events. Take part in a Stewards of Children training session and help keep our children safe. Or learn to recognize the signs of Human Trafficking and how to report your concerns. Contact us to schedule a training for your group or organization, or to participate in an upcoming training (740-266-3988).

Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children is a program that brings awareness of child sexual abuse to the community. Education is a powerful tool in the battle against child abuse. How do adults protect children? What are the signs of a child surviving an abusive situation? Schedule a training for your group and help us educate the community (740-266-3988). For more information about Stewards of Children, click here.

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Anti-Human Trafficking Training

The crime of Human trafficking entraps nearly 25 million victims. Look beneath the surface to identify its victims and report potential crime. 90% of “prostitutes” or sex trafficking victims have been or are under the control of a trafficker (pimp). 88% of victims seek medical assistance in a healthcare setting. Many attend schools and are trafficked when they are dismissed and return home. No one sees them, no one is looking for the signs, the red flags, the silent cries for help.

We offer free human trafficking training to everyone in all walks of life. Education in this area has reached over 3,000 people in our area. We educate teachers, medical professionals, mental health professionals, religious institutions, etc. This crime is occurring everywhere – and it is up to you to be educated in order to spot it and report it. Do you know what to look for?

At A Caring Place Child Advocacy Center, we have a passion for community education, because the more we educate people, the more people will know about ways to help those children in need. Prevention education in human trafficking is offered free to anyone wanting to know more about the signs of human trafficking as they go about their daily work activities. Each educational session is tailored for its particular audience.

Please call 740-266-3988 for a free educational presentation so that you can be the hero that helps rescue a child.

Choose Your Partner

According to the Ohio Child Fatality Ninth Annual Review, submitted by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Children’s Trust Fund, 30% of child abuse and neglect deaths involved a parent’s partner as the alleged perpetrator.  Visit http://www.jcdjfs.com/Choose.aspx for more information on how to Choose Your Partner.

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